information on overland travel in own camping vehicle thru the Americas

The first stretch of Ruta 52 gravel after the park entrance. 13

Maps can be so deceiving!

Deceived by all my maps: I drove Ruta 52 from Mendoza to Uspallata, a stunning drive through the Andes, but none of my maps showed the 365 curves or a narrow gravel track.

our MB 1019 AF 0

About Us: who is Berta?

Now our overland camper has her own page! If you like to know more about our Mercedes 1019 AF camper truck and her build you can read her story under “About Us”.

A colourful display of fresh and cheap vegetables at the market 24

Stop Shopping at Supermarkets and Save Money

Supermarkets are expensive – we stopped buying many things at regular supermarkets to save some serious money! You don’t believe us? Read this post, in which I compare some supermarket prices to prices at local markets and one discounter. You’ll be surprised.

Streets paved with Gold 1

Streets paved with Gold

This is not a fairy tale, but the true story of Balde, a strange little town in Argentina. The story illustrates the advantage of travelling in your own camper: you discover exotic and sometimes unusual places, and these encounters stick in your head for a long time.