information on overland travel in own camping vehicle thru the Americas

A colourful display of fresh and cheap vegetables at the market

Stop Shopping at Supermarkets and Save Money

Supermarkets are expensive – we stopped buying many things at regular supermarkets to save some serious money! You don’t believe us? Read this post, in which I compare some supermarket prices to prices at local markets and one discounter. You’ll be surprised.

Streets paved with Gold

Streets paved with Gold

This is not a fairy tale, but the true story of Balde, a strange little town in Argentina. The story illustrates the advantage of travelling in your own camper: you discover exotic and sometimes unusual places, and these encounters stick in your head for a long time.

Blue Dollar buys more Argentinian Pesos

Money matters in Argentina

A short rundown on changing money in Argentina at “Dólar Blue” black market rates, advantages, risks, links to current rates and what these Pesos can buy.

Montevideo: the fat capitalist

Street Art in Uruguay

Gallery of street art in Uruguay, snapped in Montevideo & Colonia. This shows how street art & graffiti can enhance dilapidated and grey sections of a town.

new design DARE2GO

New Design Travel Blog on WordPress

After almost 9 years online we have decided to give our site an overhaul with a new design. The “old site” was created in 2005, when “blogging” wasn’t all that popular yet and WordPress was still in its infancy; you couldn’t even add images into posts back then or perform...