20 Photos of Beautiful StreetArt in Regional Chile

Previously at dare2go.com we have shown you streetart galleries from Santiago and Valparaiso . Recently we have been travelling outside of these urban centres, but this doesn’t mean that we’ve left all street art behind. Certainly we have seen less, but is seems that every town in regional Chile has some public art on walls or bridges. Since we have been travelling we have driven past many pieces which we could not photograph, mostly because there wasn’t any place to stop nearby. Still, by chance, several times we parked near some interesting pieces of street art and used these opportunities to take photos.

One thing you might notice, when you compare this gallery with our previously published ones, is that most regional towns seem to have a slightly different style compared to the really urban art found in Santiago and Valparaiso. You see more motifs depicting either the ethnic background of the community or the prevailing nature of the region. The only picture taken in a larger town is the one from La Serena, and it seems to be more in keeping with the “urban style” of the larger cities.

Now we are in Vicuña in the Elqui Valley, a small town with an alternative feel to it, and here we get the impression that many pieces seem to have some spiritual connection. There’s one photo, which we took in a vegetable shop of all places (so by definition it’s not ‘streetart’, though still public ‘wallart’), where a very detailed mural depicts Jesus among his twelve disciples on one wall, the Hindu god Krishna with some cows on the other wall – all in one large painting…

If you enjoyed this gallery you might want to compare styles with our previously published posts .
Have you admired nice street art somewhere recently? Please tell us about it in a comment below…


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22 Responses

  1. Priya says:

    Lovely art, you have done a great job of capturing and sharing the Street art of various cities.. and made it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

  2. These pieces of street art (and your photos of them) are truly inspiring and not what I’d expect to find in towns as opposed to cities. Some of them would look totally at home in the great modern art museums of the world.

    • Juergen says:

      I agree; it’s almost a shame that some of these pieces of streetart will not last long, being exposed to the elements or on walls which might get demolished soon. But such is the character of public art. At least they are recorded on the internet for people to enjoy them, often well beyond their tenure in ‘real life’.

  3. Your photos of the street art are so vibrant and colorful and it’s easy to see the influence of both fantasy and the impact of the sixties. I’d be hard-pressed to distinguish the art’s origins as rural or urban – it all looks very creative to my untrained eye! I love the last photo with the mix of religious philosophies – all done with loving care!

    • Juergen says:

      That mural in the vegetable shop was a real surprise! Yasha was so concentrated on selecting quality produce she missed it. Only when I didn’t walk out with her (because I tried to take the photo in the dimly lit shop) did she finally take notice.

  4. Wow that’s a lot of great street art! Great shots, thanks for sharing.

  5. Very colorful street art, indeed!

  6. Patti Morrow says:

    What an incredible amount of talent and diversity! I haven’t been to Chile, but I’ve seen similar art in other parts of Central/Latin America and loved it.

  7. I am a fan of street art and you have show cased such talent and such diversity. Love it.

    • Juergen says:

      Long past are the days when all street art was considered graffiti and a ‘public nuisance’. Some street artist are now seen as frontrunners in social and public media marketing.

  8. I love the mystical quality of the ones that depict wildlife in consort with humans. It’s so indicative of the way certain societies approach our place in the world. The colors are so vibrant, too. This post made me happy. :)

  9. Susan Moore says:

    Wonderful collection of street art! It is interesting to see the regional differences in your collections of street art photos. When I travel I enjoy walking around neighborhoods to get a feel for the place and I am often rewarded with some beautiful urban art.

    • Juergen says:

      We always enjoy exploring new places on foot, as you can get a better feel for a location. Any good streetart we discover is of course an added bonus.

  10. Nancie says:

    The rich colors really make this street art shine. I spent time in Penang last summer, and there’s some great street art.

  11. Leigh says:

    Great set of photos – so many talented street artists. Best place I’ve seen street art to date was in Bogota, Colombia.

    • Juergen says:

      All of Latin America seems to have talented street artists. Most towns seem to provide them with spaces to express themselves.

  12. Josie says:

    Hi Yasha and Juergen,
    What I love about these murals is their diverse artistic styles. And extremely well done at that! From mod to bohemian to fine art, they are quite stunning.
    Thanks for this peek from Chile.

    • Juergen says:

      That’s the most inspiring when we discover a new piece: in nine out of ten cases it seems to be very different from what we have seen so far.

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