23 unique street art images from Valparaiso

This group of street art photos was taken almost exclusively on our last day in Valparaiso. We joined one of the “Tours for Tips” walking tours around the town.

There are several such walking tours in Valpo (as the locals call it), and we don’t really know if one is better than another. Most of them seem to cover the same route, more or less, which we noticed because we met several other groups along the way. The only suggestion we have is to ask fellow travellers, maybe at your hotel or hostel, if they went on one and what they thought of it. The only reason we went on this particular one was that we had been given their free city map, and had made use of it on the previous days.

The majority of these photos are from around Cerro Concepcion and near the Museo des Bellas Artes. This is certainly the more ‘touristy’ part of the city, with many guest houses, restaurants, and shops.

This guided walk joins up nicely with our self-guided street art tour , as we walked in almost a half-moon shape around the next hill up from Cerro Concepcion. Both posts show an incredible variety of street art styles – and they are only the ones I liked. I promise, there are many more! I could post more galleries just with the photos I have left…

Unfortunately my camera battery ran down a third of the way through the walk, and my spare battery was still empty from the day before. So, I had to use my wife’s camera – a small point-and-shoot – for the remaining part of the tour. It does show in the quality of some photos.

If you like some of these street art pieces then I would suggest that you look at our other galleries. We have previously posted nine StreetArt photo pages , among them three others from Valparaiso. This city is a paradise for murals!

Do you have a any favourites among the street art pieces on this page?
Please don’t hesitate to tell us in the ‘comments’ below!


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