32 More Street Art Photos to Admire from Comuna 13

Street Art Expressing Peace, Love, Transformation, Hope

In my last post, I didn’t have enough room to show all the street art photos from Comuna 13 – it simply would have made it too long. The street art in this neighbourhood expresses a number of things:

1. the desire to end the violence and oppression, which plagued the neighbourhood for so long
2. the resulting wish for a lasting peace
3. the wish of the people for a real transformation of their lives
4. and their hope for a better future

The colourful and diverse street art of Comuna 13 in Medellín expresses the dramatic change in this community toward peace, love, transformation, and hope!

The colourful and diverse street art of Comuna 13 in Medellín expresses the dramatic change in this community toward peace, love, transformation, and hope!

My last post covered the difficult past of Comuna 13 in some depth, and its dramatic change for the better over the last few years. I strongly recommend reading the previous post (it’s a touching story) before you admire the following street art photos! My last post also puts some of the next images into a better context.

As I explained in my last post, the street art in Comuna 13 initially developed, alongside the emergence of rap and hip-hop, as an expression of a fed-up youth. They didn’t want to be silenced any longer. Nowadays, most street art in this neighbourhood is brightly coloured, hopeful, and reminds people of their roots and connection with planet earth.

One recurring motif are birds, in all shapes and techniques. The bird symbolises both freedom and a connection with nature.

Please click thumbnails below for a larger photo with description.

You still find many street art pieces commemorating the not so distant past – but even these display a richness in colour that expresses a sense of optimism. Many of them can be found right at the bottom of the street leading into Comuna 13. Unfortunately they are sometimes blocked by cars parked in front.

Please click thumbnails below for a larger photo with description.

In the meantime, a number of local street artists have made a name for themselves well beyond the borders of their home community. Throughout Comuna 13, but also elsewhere in Medellín, you will find numerous works by ‘Chota13’, an artist who stills calls this neighbourhood home.

Please click thumbnails below for a larger photo with description.

All over Comuna 13 you will find amazing street art in all sorts of techniques: from brush work murals to stencil art to purely spray can work. The styles are as diverse as the artists.
TIP: wander into some of the narrow side lanes! They sometimes contain amazing street art as well. Occasionally the lanes are so narrow that its impossible to photograph these works.

Please click thumbnails below for a larger photo with description.

Practical Information
You can go and explore the street art of Comuna 13 on your own. The neighbourhood is safe! Take the Metro to the San Javier station and walk from the main exit to your left (see map). But we highly recommend joining a tour with Stairway Storytellers ! They are tours for tips and the money goes straight back into the community! If you need more convincing, just read the story about our tour with Stairway Storytellers .
Google map to Comuna 13 street art gallery.

Google map to Comuna 13 street art gallery.

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In this gallery I have collected 32 examples of the colourful and diverse street art of Comuna 13 in Medellín. These murals are an expression of the dramatic change this community underwent during the last few years. The new slogan is peace, love, transformation, and hope!

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17 Responses

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the recurring motif of the bird and the freedom it represents. Street art is really inspiring and I think it makes a neighborhood so much more interesting and exciting. I think my favorite one is the peacock in the stairway corner. Is “Chota 13” an anonymous artist like Banksy or does everyone know their identity?

    • Juergen says:

      I’m sure the locals know who ‘Chota13’ is. Yes, I’ve heard about Banksy, who even hides his face at public events… Silly in my mind.

  2. Leigh says:

    Wow, that is a lot of street art – always so fun to photograph it, as it gives you a chance to just walk around city neighborhoods you might not otherwise visit.

  3. Medha says:

    Wow I love how colorful that street art is and this Chota13 person sounds like he’s super talented! I was in Georgetown, Malaysia a few years back and they had a lot of street art as well which was amazing, I know it’s a pity sometimes when cars parked in front of the wall murals block some beautiful ones :) This stuff is so instagrammable !

  4. Jessica says:

    Wow, so much street art in one city! I see that you couldn’t fit it all into one post. Very vibrant and colorful, my photographer husband would really enjoy photographing it!

    • Juergen says:

      Even more localised: all the street art in this post is from ONE neighbourhood, Comuna 13! We have many more street art photos from Medellin.

  5. Street art is an extremely powerful medium of expression and I don’t know why it wasn’t given its due earlier. This collection has some outstanding pieces. Just trying to interpret what the artists have tried to say is a challenge.

    • Juergen says:

      I have that problem with a lot of street art (but also with paintings in galleries): what does the artist wanted to express with their picture? I like it the most if a piece just makes me spontaneously giggle or laugh out loud.

  6. I loved the first post of your street art photos from Comuna 13 and these additional ones don’t disappoint either. So much colour, such variety of style and subject matter… my favourite is that laughing face with the blue and green spectacles!

  7. Rachel says:

    These are such beautiful and hopeful works of art. The way they inspire freedom, lasting peace and their hope for a better future is incredible. The bird motifs are my favourite (I love birds) and would love to do a street art tour to see these in real life. So if we ever make it there we’ll be getting in touch with Stairway Storytellers.

  8. Kate Rebel says:

    Wow, this street art is amazing and truly art. I live in Berlin where you can find a lot of street art but also and unfortunately a lot of “street art”, which is just some tags on private buildings, which makes the city look ugly and dirty. These pictures are truly amazing though!

    • Juergen says:

      Well, graffiti tagging is everywhere! Now more and more property owners start to allow real street artists to paint their house – to prevent the ever-present tagging. I know Berlin fairly well and always found it shame that freshly renovated ‘Altbauten’ are immediately covered in tags.

  9. I’m really loving all that street art! Such a great variety of styles!! Happy to see the area grow like that, and the art taking an important place.

  10. This is stunning work! It’s truly lovely to see the art reflecting peace, nature and optimism for the future. I’d love to join a tour with Stairway Storytellers to get the full scoop!

    • Juergen says:

      This was the most important aspect for us: that Comuna 13 went though such a drastic change towards peace! We can highly recommend the Storyteller Tour.

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