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Are you interested in travelling overland through the Americas?

Can you imagine doing so in your own vehicle?
Maybe even all the way from Alaska to Patagonia.
Then you have arrived at the right web site!

At dare2go.com you will find a wealth of useful information and numerous helpful posts, dating as far back as early 2006, to the present time!

Driving Ruta 40, Argentina, in 2009

Driving Ruta 40, Argentina, in 2008/9

Yes, Dare2go.com has been around so long that it is probably the first English language website to cover a road trip from the Arctic Circle , in the north, to Ushuaia , the southern tip of Argentina, in detail. We like to travel slowly, so our last trip took us over three years. Now we’re back for round two, because we think we missed some interesting places during 2006-2009 .

Arctic Circle along Dempster Hwy.

Arctic Circle along Dempster Hwy. in Yukon, 2006. Yes, it was grey, wet & cold, but beautiful.

Dare2go – what’s that all about?

When we began preparing for our first trip in 2005 many friends were doubtful or teasing: “You’ll never do it!” We were determined to give it a try, although we always said that we had no idea how long we would be away. When asked, our answer was: “We will come home when we have seen everything we want to see, or when we get sick of travelling”. Hence, when Juergen searched for a domain name for the website to cover our journey, DARE2GO was an obvious choice, not only to raise the middle finger at all the doubters, but also to encourage others to DARE TO GO.

Remember: the first step is always the hardest!
Beautiful free camping spot at Dominical in Costa Rica

Beautiful free camping spot at Dominical in Costa Rica, 2007

Our camping logs for Central and South America are very comprehensive because we prefer ‘slow travel’ and so tend to stay at more places along the way.

They continue to be an incredibly popular resource, passed on from one traveller to the next, even though they are several years old. We also share other details, e.g. propane gas filling stations, addresses of mechanics we have found reliable. Some of the most seasoned overlanders make reference to our listings. To continue the tradition we have just released our new list of camping locations , beginning in 2014.

In October 2014 I (Juergen) was told by a fellow traveller (Scott from Heather and Scott’s Adventures) that dare2go.com is probably one of the three or four most highly respected resources for Pan-American travel research in the USA. The others are our good friends Kathy and Rick and their Travelin-Tortuga.com (we travelled part of the way together in 2008/9 , and met up again in 2013), LifeRemotely.com (whose trip Juergen followed online whilst back in Australia) and finally WhiteAcorn.com (whom we have never met).

When we created our site in 2005, ‘blogging’ was still in its infancy and the pages are more like reports (link to sitemap of our archive). They are a bit longer, but this format provided a much more structured approach, and allowed us to include smaller tidbits of information. We always aim to publish things that we think might be of value to other travellers. Don’t expect updates every couple of days – we write when we have something to say. If just one of our posts encourages others to visit a particular place, we feel rewarded.

Us at Iguazu Falls

Us at Iguazu Falls – Garganta del Diablo

Who are we?

Can you imagine spending almost every hour of every day with your partner, living in a space of roughly 8 square metres, for over 3 years? We did exactly that during our last trip through the Americas, and we enjoyed the life so much that now we have decided to do it again.
We must be crazy about travel!

We are Yasha Langford (Australian by birth) and Juergen Klein (German by birth), travelling on Australian passports, but we consider ourselves to be citizens of the World. We are vegetarians (or more precisely “pescarians”, since we eat fish occasionally), which can sometimes make an invite to a BBQ (the always popular “asado” in South America) a bit awkward.

We returned ‘home’ to Australia in August 2009 and within a very short time we were planning our next adventure. It was somehow difficult, to the point of being almost impossible, to settle into the routine of ‘normal’ life. And finding interesting, well-paid work proved difficult for both of us.

So, in 2012 we bought our ex-fire department Mercedes and ex-army shelter in Germany. Juergen spent three months that year getting started on turning it into our new rolling home, only returning to Australia so that we could pack up our lives and head off again.

Our 'Berta' parked in the mountains in Argentina

Our ‘Berta’ parked in the mountains in Argentina

After spending more than a year in Germany on the building part of our project, we are finally rolling in our new home, Berta (her story). Don’t ask us where we are going, or what our plans are, because we don’t usually plan too far ahead. We will continue to share information on where we have been and what we have done.

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Yasha fighting strong Patagonian winds near Lago Nordenskjold

Yasha fighting strong Patagonian winds near Lago Nordenskjold, Torres Del Paine, Chile

How do we afford to travel?

In 2005 we sold our house. It was a renovator’s delight, which we had bought literally weeks before the 2001 real estate boom in Australia began, so we made good money on it. We invested this and lived for a couple of years from the interest, until the 2008 Global Financial Crisis cut a serious chunk off our savings. Back in Australia we found it difficult to turn this around and eventually thought that if we were going to go backwards financially, we should be doing it for something we love. We decided to follow our hearts and attempt to earn a living along the way – Yasha teaching English , and Juergen continuing with freelance internet work . We also work together on on-line projects, like translations or this website.

We are looking for suitable businesses, which recognise that we have the right target audience for their products or services, to partner with us . Having said that, we have no interest in advertising products which in no way relate to our audience, e.g. gambling, brand name copies, or retirement villages!

A few links on this website are affiliate links, from which we earn a small commission but you don’t pay a Cent more than otherwise.

Finally, we are offering our own products for you to order online . We have 3 4 beautiful calendars available now (they can start at any month of the year), as well as prints (both framed art and canvas prints), tote bags, cushion covers, and phone cases.

Our DARE2GO shop of photographic products

Our DARE2GO shop of photographic products at RedBubble.com

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We are also active members of the PanAmerican Travelers Group on Facebook and the Panamericana Forum in Germany – both great resources for anybody planning a similar trip.

There will be more great content like this! On our Facebook Page you can also keep up with where we are and see the latest photos from our journey.
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