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StreetArt: left part of the large piece with the indigenous deity 1

Street Art in Valparaiso (Part 2)

Our final gallery of street art from Valparaíso in Chile. Some pieces are playful, some reminiscent of impressionist style, some of trompe-l’œil, and some are just plain fun motifs.

Nicely stylised Street Art of Valparaiso harbour 1

Street Art in Valparaiso (Part 1)

Our first gallery of street art from Valparaíso in Chile. Some close up photography, some photos which show the colourful street art in their urban context.

Wall Art Santiago: snow puma 1

Street Art and Graffiti in Santiago de Chile (Part 1)

Our first gallery showing colourful street art, full wall paintings, and illegal graffiti in Santiago de Chile. You can find an amazing variety of styles, and after a while you learn to recognise individual artists.

Montevideo: the fat capitalist 4

Street Art in Uruguay

Gallery of street art in Uruguay, snapped in Montevideo & Colonia. This shows how street art & graffiti can enhance dilapidated and grey sections of a town.

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