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Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Today our site was included in the “Liebster Award” list, nominated thanks to Tripperapp [I remove my imaginary hat and bow my head].

My own internet research indicates that this award originates in Germany as a way to generate more traffic to new or upcoming blogs with unique content. Our site is not really new, but nevertheless we feel honoured. The award is not necessarily limited to travel blogs either. Once you search the web you find fashion blogs, personal blogs, girlie blogs, mum blogs = through its life the “Liebster” has been awarded in every blogging circle.

These are the general “Liebster” rules:

  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
  • Nominate other 5-11*) bloggers with less than 200 followers (or 1000, or 3,000 depending on the rules you read*).
  • Ask those bloggers eleven questions.
  • Let the bloggers know they’ve been nominated so they can continue the chain.

*) as far as I found out: 3,000 followers was the original rule, 1,000 seems to be the most common, we received ours with the 200 limit. As I don’t know enough up-and-coming blogs with under 200 followers I took the liberty to expand the rules back to 1,000 followers – fair enough. The number of required blog links seems to vary too from issue to issue.

Our answers to the Liebster questions we received:

You just won a travel competition and you can choose a public figure to travel with you. Who do you choose and why?
Answer: Most likely Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin. He’s a bloody rich guy with a totally laid back attitude, and we could probably learn a thing or two from him.

You found a golden ticket that allows you to travel by train. Where do you go?
Answer: Train travel is not our preferred option, so we might first try to cash it in. If that didn’t work then maybe the old Orient Express with a few stops along the way.

You have reached a crossroads without any signs, your phone is dead, the map you have with you is the worst piece of [beep] you ever bought and there’s no one around to ask for directions. Do your survival instincts kick in immediately or do you curse every single god you can remember from any religion first?
Answer: This happens to us quite frequently. Juergen says, “We’re lost! We’re lost!” and Yasha answers, “We can’t be lost – there’s nowhere that we have to be!” And then we’d follow Juergen’s instincts because he has a much better sense of direction than Yasha.

It’s pouring rain outside and you were planning to visit only for three days. Are you inside with a book waiting for it to stop because you don’t mind staying for longer? Are you outside with an umbrella and a waterproof camera because YOU REALLY have to get to the next place?
Answer: We almost never REALLY have to get to the next place. So, first we find a list of indoor activities not too difficult to reach: museums, art galleries, and the like. Once this is exhausted probably wait and see, maybe check the weather report online. We also always have enough to do: write blog posts, sort through photos, etc., so if we stay it depends more on our camping situation: does it feel comfortable and quiet or not.

Where were you when you saw the most beautiful breath taking sunset?
Answer: May we answer this with “sunrise”? Because this one moment is really memorable: at the Perito Moreno glacier we stayed overnight in our camper. The day before it had been raining (fits the previous question) and all photos were grey and misty. We certainly didn’t see the glacier at its best. The next morning Juergen woke up, peeked through the curtain, and the sun was just rising above the glacier, giving it a golden glow! He jumped out of bed, got quickly dressed, and totally surprised Yasha by grabbing his camera and leaving – before breakfast, something he never does! He managed to take some stunning photos until 20 minutes later when everything was again covered in grey.

Do you ever feel homesick? If yes, what’s the first thing you miss the most.
Answer: Juergen did last time towards the end. But then arriving home he was quickly disappointed by reality. In general we probably mostly miss contact with dear old friends; they can give you something different than short term travel buddies. Yasha never really gets homesick but she has a large family, elderly parents and young nieces and nephews, so she also misses them!

What is the best dish you have ever had in your traveling life (so good you wouldn’t mind eating it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner)?
Answer: What a silly question, we’re not that boring that we would eat the same all day every day! Though we could eat well prepared “huevos rancheros”, a Mexican breakfast, at least 3 or 4 times a week if somebody else prepared them.

Do you ever lose track of time when you’re travelling?
Answer: Often! In Australia’s Pilbara region Juergen once walked into a shop and asked what day of the week it was… Yasha always likes to have a calendar handy.

What is the one item you can never forget to pack?
Answer: Passport and money/credit card – as long as we have those we can go where we want and buy anything essential that we have forgotten.

What language would you like to learn and how many languages do you speak right now?
Answer: We both have to get better at Spanish, and Portuguese would probably be next on the list. Last time we found it frustrating to travel in Brazil and not be able to understand the locals. Juergen speaks German, English, a few words of Italian and some French – and some Spanish, as mentioned before. Yasha speaks English, more German than she confesses to, and a bit of Spanish.

So far, what is the most important travel lesson you have learned?
Answer: To be able to make spontaneous decisions. Several times during our last trip we met people chasing their own itinerary and missing some really outstanding moments, like local festivals coming up two days after their planned departure. If you can keep an open mind you can allow yourself some truly outstanding experiences.

Perito Moreno glacier in early morning sun

Perito Moreno glacier in early morning sun

We were also asked to provide 11 random facts about us that will make you go “Hmm” (but this seems to be not part of the regular set of questions) – here we go:

  1. Juergen never knows left from right – Yasha then usually asks, “Your left or real left?”.
  2. Juergen is ambidextrous.
  3. Yasha had never learned a language other than English until she was 40.
  4. We got married less than 4 weeks after we met and have been married for over 20 years.
  5. We got married on Friday the 13th!
  6. Yasha trekked the complete Annapurna circuit in the Himalayas.
  7. Juergen went overland through Iran to Afghanistan when he was 19 or 20.
  8. We are both pescarians, meaning vegetarians who occasionally eat fish.
  9. Juergen has never worn a necktie or a suit in his life.
  10. ‘Yasha’ is a spiritual name and means “glory and splendour”.
  11. Yasha spent a month on Manus Island teaching English to asylum seekers. Who knows where Manus Island is?

And, how often did you go “Hmm”?


Our Nominations for the next “Liebster Award”:

Here are dare2go’s nominees for the next round of “Liebster Awards” – we feel each site is worth a visit (and bookmark):

  • South to Nowhere /Facebook: @southtonowhere1: Rachel and George travel with Dolores (an ’82 Westfalia Kombi) down the Panamerican.
  • Get Out of Town /Facebook: Zuzka and Marek from Czech share (in English) their trip in a Toyota van down the Americas. Tons of useful information.
  • Team Izzie /Facebook: @teamizzie: Sita and Steven drove from Belgium to South Africa in a truck similar to ours. Right now they are on their way to South America (minus their truck), so they might not receive this award in a timely manner, but therefore we might to get to meet them one day.
  • Paws On Tour /Facebook: @pawsontour: Michel and Ursi take Sheelah and Miro (the paws) on a big tour through Latin America [in German w. English translation option].
  • Off The Maps/ /Facebook: [in German] Sabine and Andi from Switzerland just started a PanAm tour in their red Toyota Landcruiser.
  • Upa Chalupa /Facebook: @UpaChalupaTravelBlog: Caro and Vic, a young couple from Chile, on their quest to drive from Canada to Chile on recycled cooking oil [blog mostly in Spanish, Facebook in Spanish and English].
  • Narrowboat Aussies /Facebook: @Narrowboat Aussies: Bron, Yasha’s sister, and her husband Bob do something out of the ordinary: they bought a narrow canal boat to explore England.
  • Intrepidor /Facebook: @intrepidor: Richele and Tor, incurable roamers from Seattle, with a blog covering Mexico, Guatemala, and parks in the US.
  • Adrift Anywhere /Facebook: @adriftanywhere: Susan, a young girl from California, goes backpacking!
  • Travelling Penster /Facebook: @travellingpenster: Penny, an Australian, provides a mix of travel stories and practical advice on teaching English abroad.
    Ooops – I noticed too late: she was already nominated by… Blush!
  • Live Laugh Explore /Facebook: @livelaughexplore: Annika, a Finnish expat living in Canada and exploring the world. Who wouldn’t want to read a blog with such a title?
  • Our Set of Questions for the next Nominees:

    1. How long do you like to stay at each place (town, resort, whatever) you visit during your travels?
    2. When you travel to a new place, do you try to see as much as possible, or rather pick a few highlights and explore them at your leisure?
    3. Which resources do you use the most to plan your travel destinations and/or routes: recommendations from friends and family, internet searches, sites like tripadvisor™, travel blogs, guide books, television reports, or any secret source you’d like to share?
    4. When did you take your first trip to a foreign country? What is your strongest memory of your first visit to a foreign country?
    5. Do you earn money while you travel and, if so, would you like to briefly say what you do?
    6. Please name just one major highlight from your past travels? What makes it such a highlight?
    7. Of all the places you have visited, which is the one you would either not recommend to friends, or only recommend with reservations? Why?
    8. Have you ever driven any type of motor vehicle in a foreign country? How was that experience?
    9. On average, how many photos and videos do you take every day whilst travelling?
    10. How, if at all, do you organise your travel photos and videos?
    11. Where are you planning to go next?

Now lets hope all nominees will be proud to have been nominated by us and follow the rules, thus keep the “Liebster Award” ball rolling – so to speak… A list of 5 nominations should probably suffice…


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  1. Great answers! Spot on! About learning Portuguese I can try to teach you :D And 13th will always be the best day of every month. I was born on a 13th and so was my son – different months though. When it’s a Friday, we have more fun than usual — usually that’s when other people are like “oh no it’s Friday the 13th” :)

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