Traveling is hard. Anyone who says different isn't a traveler; they're a tourist. A traveler's life and their trip are one in the same, living life while traveling rather than taking a vacation from life. quoted from Black Sheep [defunct]

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3 years + 2 months through the Americas

A road trip from the Arctic Circle to "fin del mundo" in South America

our truck on Ruta 40 in Argentina
This web site contains all reports of our trip, which started in early March 2006 and ended in early August 2009. "Hang-on a moment", you're gonna say, "something's wrong here! That's more than 3 years and 2 months..." You're right, the entire trip was a little longer, but more about that in due course.
In any case: the trip really started a lot earlier. If you're away for such a long time you cannot simply book a flight, pack your suitcase a day before leaving, and remember to empty the fridge and turn off the gas on the day you depart... There's a lot more involved, so from the conception of the idea to the day we left it took us almost 10 months of hard work and planning.
Q.: Was it worth it?
A.: What do you think? OF COURSE! We'll be doing something similar soon!
Q.: So how to summarise a trip this long on one page?
A.: We can't! But we will publish a list of some of our personal highlights and impressions, which together form the framework of the jigsaw: a jigsaw which, if you like, you can find the pieces to complete in our reports - enjoy!

Our personal Travel Highlights:

...of course there were countless other highlights, and some of the most outstanding related to people we met:

Places we would really like to re-visit include (in order of our journey):

Juergen doesn't want to re-visit Argentina for various reasons: the people are often so inconsiderate that one can't find any undisturbed sleep, officials seem to not care about tourism (or even actively deter tourism with high prices), and he thinks he's done with the country because he has seen most places really worth seeing...
We will keep this website up in the foreseeable future, as it may serve as a resource for people on the road now, or planning to do the trip in the future. Some of our information pages get constant traffic and are linked on some reputable sites.

Last, but not least, we hope that our reports might inspire someone or other to break out of their mould and go and do it. Once you're on the road we are sure you will enjoy it!! Let us tell you one thing: during the entire journey we did not once feel really threatened or in acute danger. There might have been the odd occasion when we felt it might be better to move on, and the trip ended with an unpleasant experience in Buenos Aires, but that's the extent of it (o.k., we had one defect umbrella stolen in Honduras). If you use some common sense and trust your intuition, we can guarantee that the biggest hurdles you might face will probably be technical issues, not problems with people (as long as you ignore the odd corrupt policeman or border official - LOL).
Who knows: maybe one day we will meet somewhere on one of the great roads or small tracks covering this planet... Or bump into you here in Australia.
Until then: take all possible care, but don't worry all the time!

Yasha & Juergen [January 2010]
ps: the photo link on top presents selected photos of our entire trip.
Juergen + Yasha at Iguazu Falls

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