More Unique StreetArt from the South of Brazil

I had promised, in my last post from Florianópolis , that there will be more street art galleries from Brazil – here is my next instalment of pictures taken in the South of Brazil (north as far as outside Rio de Janeiro).

The oldest of these photos, the black-and-white chameleon with the strange head, was taken somewhere in the south of Rio Grande do Sul. One interesting observation this time is that there was a fair bit of maritime influenced street art near the beach – I guess it makes sense…

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And I noticed a number of rather well executed portrait style faces, many kept in black and white. This seems to be an international trend from what I see from time to time on the internet. I like it, though in most cases I don’t recognise the person shown. Maybe they are locally popular…

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Unfortunately we didn’t see much of the city of Curitiba (the capital of the Parana state ) as I came down with a fairly bad cold and we ‘overstayed our welcome’ on a parking lot near the city’s main park. Driving through town we noticed a good number of excellent streetart pieces but, as usual, there wasn’t anywhere to park nearby. I felt too exhausted to consider any lengthy walk to photograph graffiti.

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Some of what we captured in Curitiba also captured us. I particularly liked one house which was covered in stencils overlaid with screen prints of peoples’ heads. All very critical and humorous depictions of current times, like the woman with her blinkers made of smart phones. There were more than just the two, but it suddenly started to pour down heavily with rain – which put an end to photographing the others (all I got was rain stripes in every picture and my camera got wet).

These two faces are part of an entire house facade in Curitiba.

These two faces are part of an entire house facade in Curitiba (see above text for more detail).

We avoided the mega city of São Paulo (because we don’t like big cities) which is one of the renowned hotspots for Brazilian street art. Keep an eye on this website as in the near future I will publish more street art from Brazil.

Which one is your favourite piece of StreetArt?

During our trip through the south of Brazil we found some very unique street art, often in smaller towns (which surprised us). Some pieces were truly outstanding and certainly classifiable as 'art', as opposed to 'graffiti' (the quick, sometimes illegal, spray can work on public walls). Our gallery contains 20 very different motifs!

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