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After almost 9 years online we have decided to give our site an overhaul with a new design. The “old site” was created in 2005, when “blogging” wasn’t all that popular yet and WordPress was still in its infancy; you couldn’t even add images into posts back then or perform any advanced text formatting (both arrived with WP Version 2.0 in December 2005, the same month we released

screen capture dare2go

our familiar website

The familiar “old site” will remain up as an archive and resource — you can find all our previous travel reports and the popular camping lists under 2006-09 in the header menu!

One short note: we have disabled comments! It’s not, that we don’t like to hear from you or read your feedback on particular topics, but since most of the time we’re on the move (after all: this is a travel blog) we cannot check all comments in a timely manner to see if they’re suitable or contain spam. Furthermore comments tend to go quickly off-topic, so we have decided to direct all commenting to our FACEBOOK page! Individual blog posts will always have a direct link to the topic on Facebook for you to leave your remarks…

The best of all: the new design is now “mobile friendly”, though this will not flow through to pages from before this update.

We hope you like the new design and keep following us!
If you encounter bugs or other problems please let us know…

Yasha & Jürgen


webmaster, main photographer & driver, second cook and only husband at Freelance web designer with 20 years of experience at

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