Overland Travel through South America We travel full-time, in our overland truck come home, around Latin America. We share our life on the road, beautiful photos, and advice from our experiences.

Streets paved with Gold 1

Streets paved with Gold

This is not a fairy tale, but the true story of Balde, a strange little town in Argentina. The story illustrates the advantage of travelling in your own camper: you discover exotic and sometimes unusual places, and these encounters stick in your head for a long time.

Wall Art Santiago: snow puma 1

Street Art and Graffiti in Santiago de Chile (Part 1)

Our first gallery showing colourful street art, full wall paintings, and illegal graffiti in Santiago de Chile. You can find an amazing variety of styles, and after a while you learn to recognise individual artists.

Blue Dollar buys more Argentinian Pesos 5

Money matters in Argentina

A short rundown on changing money in Argentina at “Dólar Blue” black market rates, advantages, risks, links to current rates and what these Pesos can buy.

Montevideo: the fat capitalist 4

Street Art in Uruguay

Gallery of street art in Uruguay, snapped in Montevideo & Colonia. This shows how street art & graffiti can enhance dilapidated and grey sections of a town.

new design DARE2GO 0

New Design Travel Blog on WordPress

After almost 9 years online we have decided to give our site an overhaul with a new design. The “old site” was created in 2005, when “blogging” wasn’t all that popular yet and WordPress was still in its infancy; you couldn’t even add images into posts back then or perform...

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