Street Art and Graffiti in Santiago de Chile (Part 1)

My first selection of street art and graffiti here in Santiago de Chile. Some of these were certainly illegal pieces of graffiti (one was actually sprayed over by the same artist only a couple of days after I photographed it), but others look like they might have been commissioned by the owners of the building. What most have in common is the unfortunate fact that they will disappear sooner or later, as most wall art is on buildings doomed for demolition. Since I have more photos, I will add a second gallery at some other time.
If you would like to compare styles across South America please view our gallery of Street Art in Uruguay. We might make this an ongoing topic. There are many more pieces to discover in Santiago; if you like please explore these 2 sites on Twitter and Tumblr, both dedicated to “Street Art in Santiago”.



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