Street Art in Uruguay

A small photo gallery of street art in Uruguay, snapped in Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento.
I will add another gallery from Santiago de Chile in the near future. My main aim is to show how street art and graffiti can enhance dilapidated and grey sections of a town. I would also like to demonstrate that not all graffiti is bad, and if you allow the artists some freedom many can develop some amazing skills and love for detail.



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4 Responses

  1. Priya says:

    Loved looking at all the amazing street art!

  2. Love it. Thanks for sharing. If ever you return to Buenos Aires: there is a suburb (separate town but connected you could say) called Temperley. This mayor wanted to upgrade the place. So owners could (at least a couple of years ago, don’t know what the policy is today) request a mural for their bare wall facing the street. They could even request what kind of mural they wanted. The municipality send a painter, paid for him + for the expenses.
    Great, isn’t it.
    What you often see with these kind of initiatives that it starts with enthusiasm but that there is no maintenance. Not here. If your mural is damaged (by others , the weather, doesn’t matter), somebody was sent within 24 hours to fix it!
    Loved it.

  3. Some amazing street art here! Very colorful – and no doubt puts a smile on the faces of passers-by.

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