Street Art in Santiago de Chile (Part 3)

This is my third and final gallery post of street art and graffiti here in Santiago de Chile. Some photos are again from Barrio Brasil, others from Centro and Bellavista. Don’t despair: later this year we will revisit Valparaiso, which is probably the capital of creative streetart here in Chile.

Please visit my previous street art galleries from Santiago 1 & 2 , and from Uruguay .

We are always interested in your comments regarding these pieces!
Which one do you like the best, which style don’t you like at all?


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25 Responses

  1. Such wonderful art to brighten up the streets. My favorite is the one on Sasha building. Looks a bit cupid doll, a bit Asian and just made me smile.

  2. Wow, just wow! Bellavista Sasha and Fantasy shop are my personal favorites. What a coffee table book this series would make!

  3. Michelle says:

    This post is amazing and I will never view street art as “graffiti” again! I can’t pick a favorite as I like them all.

  4. Another great gallery, thanks!

  5. Beautiful work! I agree, I think the murals help to stop the “tags” which are not pretty to look at. Some cities have really worked on eliminating this problem but many still haven’t gotten it figured out yet.

    We are looking forward to seeing some great street art in South Korea next month.


    • Juergen says:

      I disagree to a point: some tags are very elaborate and well executed in a way. The majority is an eyesore. Since Santiago I carry 2 tagged spare tires on the back of our camper = also not that nice!
      Enjoy the trip!

  6. Jackie Smith says:

    Oh, I couldn’t pick just one to like best – what a fantastic collection you have here! And thanks for stopping by TravelnWrite!

  7. I’ve been to Santiago several times and love the city. I did notice some street art while there and enjoyed your more expansive images.

  8. My favorite of your pictures is the Santiago-Bellavista Sasha shop. I love the energy and vibrancy of your street art photos! Like you, we always take our cameras with us and walk different routes – you never know what you’ll come across and the anticipation makes our venturing forth fun!

  9. I love the vibrancy of all of them. If I had to choose – I like the Brasil House front best. I love the the boldness of all of the designs.

  10. I like them all but I favor the ones beside the doors.

  11. noel says:

    I love these types of tours, need to visit this fun city one of these years, maybe 2015 will be the ticket!

    • Juergen says:

      I actually didn’t go on a tour, but I take my camera every time I leave the house and I make sure that I walk different routes every time; you’ll be amazed what one can discover by walking, with open eyes, one street parallel to the one you usually take.

  12. Looking forward to seeing Santiago one day. In Rio last spring the biggest surprise was the exquisite street art. It’s legalized with permission from landlords so time and materials lead to wild and beautiful effects. Great pictures!

    • Juergen says:

      Some pieces in Santiago are obviously legalised or even commissioned by business owners, others are illegal. Most people in Santiago agree that illegal pieces get conserved for years if they are good, and the not so good ones are being painted over

  13. Wow, that’s some amazing street art Santiago de Chile has! Those fantasy figures of diablos flanking the doorway look quite spooky..not sure I’d want to go through that door without some sort of talisman. :) I imagine the murals help to reduce the prevalence of graffiti – a scourge in Toronto .

    • Juergen says:

      It could very well be, there doesn’t seem so much “tagging” on walls of houses, unless they are standing empty and are earmarked for demolition. Most other graffiti seems to be on fences of building site, but many companies now have started to install a second mesh fence about 10-15 cms (or half a foot) in front of their building site fence (you can’t easily spray through the mesh).

  14. Shelley says:

    Nice gallery of street art and diverse styles in Santiago de Chile. My favorite is the D&B disc jockey.

  15. Leigh says:

    I particularly like the middle photo in the top three. I don’t remember the graffiti so much in Santiago but Valparaiso certainly had beautiful graffiti.

    • Juergen says:

      I recall this too from last visit, so we are looking forward to revisiting Valparaiso later this year. I hope the huge fire earlier this year didn’t destroy too much.

  16. Such wonderful works of art adorning the streets – I love it!
    They’re all stunning – But the Brasil house front is the most appealing :)

    • Juergen says:

      I’m sure that this building is a commissioned work, so it was probably done following some style guides from the house owner. Across the street from it is a Salvation Army child center which also has beautiful fairytale themed wall paintings – I just never found the chance to photograph it, as it always had parked vehicles blocking any possible angle for a shot (I believe my wife has a photo on her smart phone).

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