Street Art in Valparaiso (Part 1)

As promised, our first gallery of street art from Valparaíso in Chile. We only spent one day in Valpo (as the locals call it), and it wasn’t the best day in a few aspects: most funiculars weren’t working, which made getting up and down the city’s steep hills rather an exhausting exercise (in the true sense of the word), and it was overcast and grey most of the day, with a cold wind blowing from the Pacific. Our main reason for visiting was to celebrate Yasha’s birthday, about which she has published a separate post .
I have more photos for a second gallery later on…

Please visit my previous street art galleries from Santiago 1 , 2 , 3 , and from Uruguay .

We are always interested in your comments regarding these pieces!
Which one do you like the best, which style don’t you like at all?


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  1. Love to see you love to photograph this as well. We do too. We noticed a lot of murals in Ecuador which often have a historical theme. These appear to be more art for the sake of art, or do certain expressions have a symbol that you know of, e.g. the flowers/fish/bird?

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