Street Art in Valparaiso (Part 2)

This is our second and final gallery of street art from Valparaíso in Chile. It continues on from our first gallery , starting at Avenida Alemana further south and then going down the mountain towards the bay. I believe this second gallery more so showcases the vast variety of styles. Some pieces are playful, some reminiscent of impressionist style, some of trompe-l’œil, and some are just plain fun motifs. Enjoy!

Good street art is one of my passions, so please visit my previous street art galleries from Valparaiso , Santiago 1 , 2 , 3 , and from Uruguay .

We are always interested in your comments regarding these images!
Which piece of street art do you like the best, which style don’t you like at all?


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1 Response

  1. Hi Juergen,

    That headless piece on the rainbow colored sheet is neat – when do you hear that line? lol – as are all of the shots. Chile is a must visit spot for us.

    Thanks for sharing!


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