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1. USA

 South-West & West Coast
  1 Arriving in L.A. and Buying the Camper
  2 Finally Driving our own Truck along Route 66
  3 Long Trip to Baton Rouge to Catch Beads
  4 Second Trip to New Orleans
  5 A Long Way Through Texas
  6 From Texas to Arizona
  7 From Arizona to Indio in California
  8 Joshua Tree National Park
  9 Stuck in Los Angeles
10 LA to Santa Barbara
11-1 Santa Barbara to Sequoia National Park
11-2 Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
12-1 Kern River to Death Valley
12-2 Death Valley to Las Vegas
13 Las Vegas
14-1 Valley of Fire & Zion Natl.Park
14-2 Zion National Park
15-1 Zion to Bryce Canyon Natl. Park
15-2 Bryce Canyon National Park
16 Cedar City to Coral Pink Sand Dunes
17-1 The Grand Canyon
17-2 The Grand Canyon
18-1 Sedona / Arizona
18-2 Sedona / Arizona
19-1 Tuzigoot, Jerome, Montezuma Castle
19-2 Petrified Forest and Painted Desert
20-1 Visiting Santa Fe and Taos
20-2 Santa Fe & Taos / New Mexico
21-1 Through Colorado
21-2 Rocky Mountains in Colorado
22-1 Around Moab/Utah (Arches and more)
22-2 Canyonlands & Dead Horse Point
23-1 Capitol Reef National Park
23-2 Revisiting Bryce Canyon and Cedar City
24-1 Mono Lake, Bodie & Yosemite
24-2 Yosemite National Park
25-1 Monterey/California
25-2 Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur
26-1 Santa Cruz & San Francisco
26-2 San Francisco
27-1 From San Francisco Up North
27-2 Northern Californian Coastal Redwoods
28-1 The Oregon Coast
28-2 Oregon Coast to Portland
29-1 Columbia River Gorge
29-2 Columbia River Gorge
30-1 Mt. St. Helen/Washington
30-2 Mt. Rainier National Park
31-1 Tacoma/Washington
31-2 Seattle to Canada

2. Canada & Alaska

CAN  1-1 Vancouver Island
CAN  1-2 Vancouver Island
CAN  2-1 Sunshine Coast/BC
CAN  2-2 Sunshine Coast/BC
CAN  3-1 Long drive north through British Columbia
CAN  3-2 North-West to Prince Rupert
Alaska 1-1 Inside Passage to Juneau
Alaska 1-2 Inside Passage / Juneau to Haines
Alaska 2-1 Haines / Alaska
Alaska 2-2 Haines Highway to Haines Junction
Alaska 3-1 Alaska Highway up North
Alaska 3-2 Alaska Highway to its end
CAN  4-1 Taylor Hwy./Top of the World
CAN  4-2 Top of the World Hwy. & Dawson City
CAN  5-1 Dempster Hwy. & Tombstone Mountain
CAN  5-2 Dempster Hwy. to Arctic Circle & back
CAN  6-1 Alaska Highway southbound
CAN  6-2 from Whitehorse/YT to Dawson Creek/BC
CAN  7-1 Alberta's Rocky Mountains
CAN  7-2 Alberta's Rockies to US Border

3. USA

 Montana to East Coast
32-1 Glacier Natl.Park / Montana
32-2 Montana: Big Sky
33-1 Yellowstone Natl.Park / Wyoming
33-2 Yellowstone National Park
34-1 Sunday Drive in Montana
34-2 Sunday Drive in Montana
35-1 Wyoming & South Dakota
35-2 Wyoming & South Dakota
36-1 Minnesota & Wisconsin
36-2 Minnesota & Wisconsin
37-1 The Great Lakes
37-2 Great Lakes & Niagara Falls
38-1 New York State & City
38-2 New York City
39-1 Amish "Dutch Country"
39-2 Intercourse
40-1 Harpers Ferry & Skyline Drive
40-2 Charlottesville & Blue Ridge Parkway
41-1 The Outer Banks / North Carolina
41-2 OBX & Wilmington/NC
42-1 South Carolina
42-2 Charleston/South Carolina
43 Georgia & Savannah
44-1 Florida, East Coast
44-2 Florida Keys & Miami Beach
45-1 Florida's Everglades
45-2 Florida's Everglades
46-1 Florida's West Coast
46-2 Florida's Panhandle
47 Katrina Aftermath in Biloxi/Mississippi
48-1 Louisiana
48-2 Texas


4. Mexico

  1-1 Gulf of Mexico
  1-2 Gulf of Mexico
  2-1 Puebla & Cholula
  2-2 Puebla & Cholula
  3-1 Teotihuacán
  3-2 Mexico City
  4-1 San Miguel de Allende
  4-2 San Miguel de Allende
  5-1 Guanajuato & Dolores Hidalgo
  5-2 El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
  6-1 Pátzcuaro & Morelia
  6-2 Around Pátzcuaro
  7-1 Playa Azul & Zihuatanejo
  7-2 Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel
  8-1 City of Oaxaca
  8-2 Oaxaca, Monte Alban & Mitla
  9-1 Oaxaca to San Cristobál De Las Casas
  9-2 San Cristobál, Chamula, and Zinacantán
10-1 Agua Azul & Palenque
10-2 Ruins of Palenque, Yaxchilán & Bonampak
11-1 Campeche & Uxmal
11-2 Uxmal, Mérida, Izamal, Chichen Itza
12-1 Riviera Maya
12-2 Mexican Caribbean

5. Central America

Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panamá
Belize 1-1 Belize
Belize 1-2 Belize
GT01-1 Guatemala: Tikal
GT01-2 Rio Dulce & Quirigua
GT02-1 Biotopo d.Quetzal, Cobán, Semuc Champey
GT02-2 Highway 7W from Cobán to Lake Atitlán
GT03-1 Lake Atitlán Impressions
GT03-2 Lake Atitlán Impressions
GT04-1 Lake Atitlán and West
GT04-2 Border Crossing #12½
GT05-1 Antigua Guatemala
GT05-2 Antigua Guatemala
HN01-1 West Honduras
HN01-2 West Honduras
Salvador-1 El Salvador
Salvador-2 El Salvador
TwoBorders-1 Border El Salvador - Honduras
TwoBorders-2 Nicaragua's Border & Roads
Nicaragua-1 Nicaragua: Granada
Nicaragua-2 Nicaragua to Costa Rica Border
CostaRica01-1 Costa Rica: San José & Nth. Nicoya
CostaRica01-2 Costa Rica: Sth. Nicoya & Sarchi
Panama-1 Panamá (and Panamá City)
Panama-2 Panamá (and Panamá Canal)
CostaRica02-1 Costa Rica: Mountains & Pacific
CostaRica02-2 Costa Rica: Caribbic & Arenal
Shipping-1 Shipping - Part 1: Panamá
Shipping-2 Shipping - Part 1: Panamá

6. South America

Colombia, Ecuador (incl. Galapagos), Perú, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil and Uruguay
Shipping-3 Shipping - Part 2: Colombia
Shipping-4 Shipping - Part 2: Colombia
Colombia01-1 Colombia: Cartagena to Santa Marta
Colombia01-2 Colombia: the way to Bogotá
Colombia02-1 Colombia: First time in Bogotá
Colombia02-2 Colombia: Villa De Leyva
Colombia02-3 Colombia: Back in Bogotá
Colombia03-1 Colombia: Still in Bogotá
Colombia03-2 Colombia: The Llanos
Colombia03-3 Colombia: Finally out of Bogotá
Colombia04-1 Disierto De La Tatacoa & San Agustín
Colombia04-2 Colombia: San Agustín to Ecuador
Ecuador01-1 North Ecuador to Quito
Ecuador01-2 Otovalo, Laguna Cuicocha, Mindo
Galapagos-1 Galapagos Island Cruise
Galapagos-2 Galapagos Island Cruise
Ecuador03-1 Ecuador: Quilotoa Circuit & Baños
Ecuador03-2 Ecuador: around Cuenca & south
Peru01-1 North Perú: Chiclayo & Lambayeque
Peru01-2 North Perú: Trujillo & Rio Santa Valley
Peru01-3 North Perú: Cordillera Blanca to Lima
Peru02-1 South Perú: Lima, Nasca, Cusco
Peru02-2 South Perú: Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu
Peru02-3 South Perú: Maras & Heath River
Peru03-1 South Perú: Puno & Lake Titicaca
Peru03-2 South Perú: Arequipa to Chile
Argentina01-1 Northern Argentina around Salta
Argentina01-2 Northern Argentina: Jujuy & Chaco
Paraguay-1 Iguazú Falls & Paraguay
Paraguay-2 Paraguay: Asunción to Ciudad del Este
Brazil-1 Brazil: Foz do Iguaçu to Blumenau
Brazil-2 Brazil: Florianopólis to Uruguay
Uruguay-1 Coming into Uruguay
Uruguay-2 Uruguay: Montevideo to Colonia
Patagonia01-1 Argentina: Buenos Aires to Valdez
Patagonia01-2 South through Patagonia
Patagonia02-1 Ushuaia/AR to Torres del Paine/CL
Patagonia02-2 Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
Patagonia03-1 Chile: Chaitén Volcano
Patagonia03-2 Chile: Carretera Austral
Chile01-1 Chile: Puerto Montt and around
Chile01-2 Chile: Selling our Camper
BsAs-1 Leaving Santiago and Chile
BsAs-2 Buenos Aires / Argentina